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Cosmetic containers made by Lomei Cosmetics have been widely recognized | Services encompass cosmetic container manufacturing, secondary processing, and final product assembly

Cosmetic containers made by Lomei Cosmetics have been widely recognized

About Lomei

A leading cosmetics manufacturer, committed to innovation, high quality, and sustainability

Established in 1962, Lomei Cosmetics began by crafting lipstick and lip balm. Over time, it has evolved into a full-fledged cosmetics factory, manufacturing a diverse range of color cosmetics and skincare products. Our dedication now extends to providing sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions for the beauty market.

YEARLomei Cosmetics Events
1962The first generation started from the family-made lipstick
1968Lomei Cosmetics Ent. Co., Ltd. was registered offically, and the second generation took over
1988Work together to expand export sales, and continue to innovate in the research and development of lip gloss, such as mixed-color lipstick, pressed flower lipstick, temperature-controlled color-changing lipstick and other series
2000Following the future trends, starting developing environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as the patented environmentally friendly paper packaging materials that drives the rise of the environmentally friendly packaging material in the market
2010Too Charming Ent. Co., Ltd. was established
2012Obtained the ISO 22716 certification of international cosmetics good manufacturing practice;
Obtained the ISO 9001 quality management system certification;
Too Charming upgraded to a regular and qualified cosmetics manufactor. 
2017Obtain the SA8000 social responsibility certification;
To promote MIT products, Too Charming's beauty store was open;
Various well-known media interview the production line, such as Business Weekly, New Changhua News Channel, TVBS media, Era News, and Extraordinary News
2018Build a factory which obtained the European organic certification in Italy, Europe and devoted to natural and organic beauty products;
Research and development of a new environmental-friendly packaging material for beauty cosmetics - plastic-free package (PFP)
2019Biotechnology Industry Building completed and put into operation;
Obtained Taiwan Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice certification;
Obtained the patent for the invention of Taiwan's plastic free package;
Obtained the ISO14001 certification of the international environmental management system standard
2020Increase investment in medical beauty and skin care;
Increase the production items into washing and bathing, makeup remover, skin care, make-up, organic, and biotechnology products
2022Obtained the invention patent of Japan's plastic free package;
Plan to implement the construction of the "R&D Center" in the new factory area and plan to add a 10,000-class dust-free clean room
2023-2026Plan to build and invest in new equipment and machines to the "R&D Center" and build the "New Beauty Experience Store"

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