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Quality management for cosmetic mold / container / casing manufacturing | Services encompass cosmetic container manufacturing, secondary processing, and final product assembly

Quality management for cosmetic mold / container / casing manufacturing

Quality Control

Lomei Cosmetics places strict demands on its own quality assurance system to meet international standards in the production of cosmetic molds, casings, and packaging materials.

Regarding equipment, various precision measuring instruments have been introduced to support quality management. In terms of processes, quality control personnel are present on-site during critical production processes to conduct corresponding quality inspections. When it comes to details, quality control personnel conduct comprehensive product quality inspections to identify issues and improve the quality standards and production yield, ensuring that cosmetic casings, packaging materials, and containers meet the required quality standards when shipped. A robust quality control procedure is in place to meet customer needs.

Cosmetic Packaging / Container Visual Inspection

● Color Criteria:
- Due to production technology limitations, the color tolerance for the entire batch of products will be provided based on the customer-approved sample. A color deviation of plus or minus 5% is considered an acceptable range.

● Surface Criteria:
- No presence of debris, insects, dust, or oil residue on the inner surface of tubes, inner cups, or bottles.
- The surfaces should be free from debris, insects, dust, or oil residue.
- No missing material, cracks (as long as it doesn't affect secondary processing or assembly functionality).
- No damaged or incorrect components (as long as it doesn't affect secondary processing or assembly functionality).
- Scratches (length > 5mm, width > 0.2mm, more than 1).
- Deformation (as long as it doesn't affect secondary processing or assembly functionality).
- Bubbles (surface ≥ 0.15mm, more than 1; other areas ≥ 0.15mm, ≤ 0.5mm, more than 3).
- Black spots (surface ≥ 0.15mm, more than 1; other areas ≥ 0.15mm, ≤ 0.5mm, more than 3).
- Pits (> 0.5mm, more than 2 on the same surface).
- Blemishes (more than 10 spots > 0.2mm within a 10mm² area).
- Injection gate should not protrude more than 0.3mm above the surface.
- No excessive adhesive.
- No detachment or breakage of lenses (as long as it doesn't affect secondary processing or assembly functionality).

● Logo Criteria:
- Incorrect content or color.
- Fraying, notches, or teeth-like features ≥ 0.3mm.
- Misalignment in printing, embossing, or hot stamping > 0.5mm.
- Severe tilt affecting identification.
- Overlapping or missing prints affecting identification.
- Ink smears > 0.3mm and more than 3 points.
- Vertical or horizontal displacement ≥ 1mm², ≤ 1mm².

Cosmetic Packaging / Container Functional Inspection

● Assembly Criteria, checking for proper assembly, operation, or application
1. Lipstick and Panstick Shell
- Smooth rotation of the middle barrel (tube) without free spinning, with locking positions both up and down.
- Smooth rotation after assembly of the middle barrel and base. The middle barrel should be firmly seated, not prone to dislodgment.
- Aluminum middle barrel and sleeve must be securely assembled, with no detachment during rotation.
- Separation pull force for middle tube and base ≥ 3000g.
- Proper sealing of the cap and base, with an opening / closing pull force between 300g and 3000g.
- Inner cup inside the middle barrel should withstand a pressure of ≥ 0.1kgf.
- Torque for the inner cup: 0.03 ~ 0.4 kgf.
- Top and bottom force for the inner cup (≥ 1 kgf).
2. Lip Gloss, Eyeliner, Mascara, Bottles, Jars, and Soft Tube Shells
- After assembling the cap and base, smooth rotation should be achieved without free spinning or misalignment.
- Separation pull force for the inner plug and base > 2000g.
- Pull force for the top cap and brush rod > 5000g.
- Pull force for the brush head and brush rod > 1500g.
- Pull force for the base and inner plug > 1500g.
- Pull force for the soft tube and inner plug > 1500g.
- Sealing strength of the soft tube end should withstand a downward pressure of ≥ 5000g/10 seconds.
3. Paper Jar Shell
- Properly functioning latching during opening and closing, with no significant latching misalignment issues.
- Opening and closing force approximately between 350g and 1500g.
- Pull force for the lens and inner sleeve > 1500g.
4. All Cosmetic Primary Packages
- Gap tolerance ≤ 0.2mm.
- Gap between the cap and base ≤ 0.2mm.
- No incorrect dimensions.
- After being dropped from a height of 80cm onto marble three times, no component should break or detach.
5. Logo, Paint, Plating
- Tested using 3M's 810 tape; after applying and removing, it should remain firmly attached, with an accepted standard of detached area less than 1mm² or vertical or horizontal displacement between ≥ 1mm² and ≤ 1mm².

Precision Measurement Instruments for Cosmetic Shell Inspection
  • Weighing Machine
  • Torque Machine
  • Centrifuge
  • Electronic Balance/ Counting Scale
  • Specific Gravity Meter
  • Vernier Caliper
  • Pull-Pull Test Machine

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