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The printing and hot stamping service of cosmetics tubes or containers | Services encompass cosmetic container manufacturing, secondary processing, and final product assembly

The printing and hot stamping service of cosmetics tubes or containers

Cosmetics Printing / Hot Stamping

In order to make product information and brand characteristics more visually appealing on cosmetic plastic tubes, Lomei Cosmetics will first assess whether the plastic shell can be printed or hot stamped. We will then offer customized color printing and hot stamping services on the plastic shells accordingly.

Suitable Product Range

To enhance brand cosmetic product recognition and uniqueness, Lomei Cosmetics offers OEM / ODM printing and hot stamping services for various catalog plastic product containers/tubes, such as lipstick tubes, lip gloss bottle tubes, mascara bottle tubes, eyeliner bottle tubes, panstick tubes, eyeshadow compacts, pressed powder compacts, blush compacts, powder jars, cream jars, and other containers.

Screen Printing

Lomei Cosmetics provides screen printing, also known as silk screen printing. It involves using pre-made templates with a mesh screen to transfer text or color blocks onto the flat surfaces of plastic or metal containers by ink. The ink colors are typically matched using the Pantone Solid Coated color chart and can include matte metallic ink options. However, the adhesion of ink needs to be evaluated for certain containers due to material variations.

Heat Transfer Printing Service in Lomei Cosmetics
Heat Transfer Printing Service in Lomei Cosmetics
Heat Transfer Printing

This method requires pre-printed rolls and involves transferring ink patterns from the film onto the product surface using heat and pressure. This process is often referred to as pad printing. Products intended for heat transfer printing must have a smooth surface. This method can produce detailed and richly colored patterns, making it suitable for high-volume production of products with various colors.

Hot Stamping Service in Lomei Cosmetics
Hot Stamping Service in Lomei Cosmetics
Hot Stamping

Hot stamping or foil stamping is an extension of heat transfer printing, and is used to add a metallic finish to product surfaces. It is commonly used to create luxury-looking products. Hot stamping involves heating the stamping plate and applying it with high pressure to the surface of plastic containers or outer shells. This transfers the foil paper onto items such as cosmetic tubes, containers, or outer shells, giving them a radiant metallic finish. Various effects can be achieved by selecting different finishes and color shades of foil paper.

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Printing Process Comparison
Printing ProcessTypeAdhesionColorImage QualityPriceNotes
Screen PrintingMesh ScreenGoodBright and SolidHighModerateSuitable for text and color block patterns
Hot StampingStamping PlateModerateFoil TextureHighHighSuitable for high-quality gold text, color blocks, or decorative lines

Cosmetics Printing / Hot Stamping | Taiwan Sustainable Makeup Packaging: Combining Style with Environmental Responsibility | Lomei

Located in Taiwan since 2004, Lomei Cosmetics Ent. Co., Ltd. stands out as a seasoned manufacturer in OEM/ODM cosmetics, specializing in eco-friendly packaging solutions. They offer comprehensive services including planning tailored solutions, innovative R&D for optimal commercialization, and customized services for unique product needs. Key product offerings include Plastic Free Cosmetics Packaging made from plant fibers like rice husk and green tea, Paper Cosmetics Packaging utilizing soy ink on FSC-certified paper, and PCR Cosmetics Packaging crafted from Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic.

Lomei Cosmetics produces sustainable cosmetic containers made from eco-friendly material such as paper and plant fiber. With over 60 years of experience in cosmetics production and export to various countries in Europe and the United States, we have established collaborations with multiple international brands.

Lomei has been offering customers eco-friendly and customizable cosmetics packagings, both with high-quality services and 61 years of experience, Lomei ensures that each customer's requirements are met.