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Cosmetics Plant Fiber Primary Packaging | Services encompass cosmetic container manufacturing, secondary processing, and final product assembly

Cosmetics Plant Fiber Primary Packaging

Plant Fiber Cosmetics Packaging

Plastic-free sustainable material empty makeup packaging

Plant Fiber Cosmetics Package is made from natural materials such as rice husks and green tea. As it contains zero plastic, we also call it Plastic-Free makeup Package (PFP) embodying our commitment to sustainability. With multiple international patents and third-party certifications confirming its plastic-free, toxin-free, heavy metal-free, and biodegradable, it's an innovative solution for eco-conscious consumers. Not only does it replace petrochemical-based plastics, but it's also a top choice for ESG sustainable product investments.

Lomei Cosmetics offers both standard plant fiber makeup packaging and custom mold services. Additionally, they provide customization for post-processing services, including painting and printing, allowing you to create makeup packaging that aligns with your eco-friendly brand image.

The Top Choice for Eco-Friendly Makeup Packaging

As environmental awareness continues to grow, eco-friendly cosmetics are no longer just a future trend but a current reality. Lomei Cosmetics has seized the opportunity to innovate and develop a range of "Plastic Free Package (PFP)" cosmetics packaging, which is made from plant-based materials such as rice husks and green tea stalks. This initiative is designed to be ocean-friendly, with ingredients that do not harm coral reefs. It replaces petrochemical-based plastics, significantly enhancing the uniqueness of eco-friendly cosmetics in the market.

PFP is the First Choice for Eco-friendly Makeup Packaging

Multiple International Patents & Certifications

Plant Fiber cosmetics package boasts not only multiple international patents but also a range of certifications from international organizations, instilling greater confidence and recognition within the cosmetics industry.
- Japanese Patent
- Taiwanese Structural Patent
- Taiwanese New Invention Patent
- Plasticizer Testing Report
- Food Safe Report
- Non-Toxic and Heavy Metal-Free Report
- Biodegradability Report

Plastic free package is ocean-ffriendly

Biodegradable & Sustainable

By harnessing the power of biodegradability, these cosmetics containers break down naturally over time under specific humidity and temperature conditions, reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional packaging.

Derived from sustainable sources such as green tea stem or rice husk, our biodegradable packaging minimizes reliance on non-renewable resources. This innovative approach aligns with our mission to make a positive difference in the beauty industry.

PFP is biodegradable and sustainable

Burning Experiment

Combustion Experiment of Cosmetics Case Made from Plant Fiber Eco-friendly Materials

In the burning experiment, plant fiber cosmetics package behaves differently from regular plastics. It does not melt, produce black smoke, or release toxic gas like dioxins. Through observation, plant fiber cosmetics package turns into ashes during the combustion process, which can return to nature and enter geological cycles, truly embodying the essence of environmental protection.

Applications for Makeup Packaging

As a sustainable makeup packaging for the new era, plant fiber cosmetics package replaces petrochemical plastics with its natural and unique plant fiber appearance, along with a pleasant natural aroma. It is eye-catching in the ESG beauty market and welcomes customers who want to market their products with an eco-friendly theme or stand out in the market.

Plant Fiber Cosmetics Packaging

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Plant Fiber Lipstick Tube - PFP Lipstick Tube
Plant Fiber Lipstick Tube

Made of plant fiber material, the lipstick tube makeup packaging is suitable for lip balm,...

Plant Fiber Cosmetics Panstick Tube - Plastic Free Material Panstick Tube
Plant Fiber Cosmetics Panstick Tube
PF833, PF719

Made from bio-based plant fiber, the cylindrical panstick tube is a popular choice among European...

Plant Fiber Mascara Bottle Tube - Plastic Free Material Mascara Bottle Tube
Plant Fiber Mascara Bottle Tube
PF163, PF165

The cylindrical lip gloss / mascara bottle tube made in bio-based material is allowing you to change...

Plant Fiber Makeup Compact Packaging - Plastic Free Material Makeup Compact
Plant Fiber Makeup Compact Packaging
PF56S, PF757

The round makeup compact is made of bio-based material, suitable for pressed powder, contour...

Plant Fiber Cosmetics Powder Cream Jar Packaging - Plastic Free Material Powder Jar
Plant Fiber Cosmetics Powder Cream Jar Packaging
PF1038TK, PF2050TK, PF4558TK

The zero-plastic cylindrical powder jar is one of the most commonly used containers in cosmetics....

Plant Fiber Powder Pot Makeup Container Packaging - Plastic Free Material Powder Pot
Plant Fiber Powder Pot Makeup Container Packaging

The small size cylindrical plant fiber eyeshadow powder pot can be paired with a PP inner plug...

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Plant Fiber Cosmetics Packaging | Revolutionizing Beauty with PCR Cosmetics Packaging: The Future of Sustainability | Lomei

Located in Taiwan since 2004, Lomei Cosmetics Ent. Co., Ltd. stands out as a seasoned manufacturer in OEM/ODM cosmetics, specializing in eco-friendly packaging solutions. They offer comprehensive services including planning tailored solutions, innovative R&D for optimal commercialization, and customized services for unique product needs. Key product offerings include Plant Fiber Cosmetics Packaging, Plastic Free Cosmetics Packaging made from plant fibers like rice husk and green tea, Paper Cosmetics Packaging utilizing soy ink on FSC-certified paper, and PCR Cosmetics Packaging crafted from Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic.

Lomei Cosmetics produces sustainable cosmetic containers made from eco-friendly material such as paper and plant fiber. With over 60 years of experience in cosmetics production and export to various countries in Europe and the United States, we have established collaborations with multiple international brands.

Lomei has been offering customers eco-friendly and customizable cosmetics packagings, both with high-quality services and 61 years of experience, Lomei ensures that each customer's requirements are met.