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PCR Material Balm Jar Container Cosmetics Package | Services encompass cosmetic container manufacturing, secondary processing, and final product assembly

PCR Balm Jar makeup Container - PCR Material Balm Jar Container Cosmetics Package
  • PCR Balm Jar makeup Container - PCR Material Balm Jar Container Cosmetics Package
  • PCR Balm jar container-PCRW81-2.3g-PCR Cosmetics Packaging

PCR Balm Jar makeup Container


PCR Material Solid Balm jar, PCR Eyeshadow Glitter Powder Pot for Cosmetic Packaging

Solid balm jar containers made by post-consumer recycled plastic offer customizable shell colors and painting to achieve various visual effects. It can be paired with an inner plug with a hole according to your needs, suitable for concealer balm and lip balm as well as fine powders or glitters like eyeshadow powder, concealer powder, eyeshadow glitter.

In addition to the existing standard PCR Balm jar container, Lomei Cosmetics offers custom mold services and post-processing services, including hot stamping, printing, and heat transfer printing. This allows you to create a PCR Balm jar that reflects your brand's unique style, meeting the highest standards for cosmetic product details, whether you're a brand owner or private label.

Product Customization
  • Capacity: Actual weight may vary due to differences in material density and will be confirmed after filling tests.
  • The bottle body/cap can be customized with color injection, printing, painting, hot stamping, and other post-processing techniques.
  • We provide matching inner plugs
  • Can be used for formulating eyeshadow powder, concealer powder, glitter, and lip balm
  • We can do OEM filling
  • We can do OEM packaging and shipment of finished products.
  • If you have any custom requirements, please feel free to contact us for inquiries!
Product Specification Sheet
PCRW81D 29 x H 25.4 mmCap:PCR, Base:PCR, inner plug:PE2.4g(powder)
PCR lip balm jar container catalogue
PCR lip balm jar container catalogue

The tube size of solid lip balm jar package made by recycled plastic


PCR Balm Jar makeup Container | Taiwan Sustainable Makeup Packaging: Combining Style with Environmental Responsibility | Lomei

Located in Taiwan since 2004, Lomei Cosmetics Ent. Co., Ltd. stands out as a seasoned manufacturer in OEM/ODM cosmetics, specializing in eco-friendly packaging solutions. They offer comprehensive services including planning tailored solutions, innovative R&D for optimal commercialization, and customized services for unique product needs. Key product offerings include PCR Balm Jar makeup Container, Plastic Free Cosmetics Packaging made from plant fibers like rice husk and green tea, Paper Cosmetics Packaging utilizing soy ink on FSC-certified paper, and PCR Cosmetics Packaging crafted from Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic.

Lomei Cosmetics produces sustainable cosmetic containers made from eco-friendly material such as paper and plant fiber. With over 60 years of experience in cosmetics production and export to various countries in Europe and the United States, we have established collaborations with multiple international brands.

Lomei has been offering customers eco-friendly and customizable cosmetics packagings, both with high-quality services and 61 years of experience, Lomei ensures that each customer's requirements are met.