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Plant Fiber Mascara Bottle Tube - Plastic Free Material Mascara Bottle Tube
  • Plant Fiber Mascara Bottle Tube - Plastic Free Material Mascara Bottle Tube

Plant Fiber Mascara Bottle Tube

PF163, PF165

PFP Mascara Bottle Tube, Zero Plastic Fiber Lip Gloss / Mascara Bottle Tube

The cylindrical lip gloss / mascara bottle tube made in bio-based material is allowing you to change different functional brush heads, making it a multi-purpose container option. It can be used for mascara, eyelash nourishing serum, eyelash setting gel, eyebrow tint, lip gloss, lip balm, lip oil, and more.

This bottle tube is crafted from plastic free material and comes with a PE inner plug. The PFP lip gloss / mascara bottle tube is an ESG-compliant, eco-sustainable makeup packaging choice.

Product Features
  • Holds multiple international patents.
  • ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sustainable product.
  • Made from bio-based plant fiber materials.
  • Plastic free and carbon-reduction for environmental protection.
  • Non-toxic, food-safe, and free from heavy metals.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Natural appearance with a pleasant fragrance.
Product Customization
  • Applicable Processes: Eco-friendly soy ink printing, eco-friendly coloring spray / matte spray.
  • Capacity: Varies based on the content material and needs testing for exact weight.
  • Existing Colors: Deep green (Green tea stalks), Rice brown (Rice hulls).
  • Custom Colors: White, Black (Diversity in appearance is achieved by adding eco-friendly color powders, and any custom color requirements can be discussed).
  • Complementary Components: PE inner plugs, various functionable brush heads.
  • If you have any custom requirements, please feel free to contact us!
Product Specification Sheet
PF163D 16 x H 91.45 mm6gPFP
PF165D 16 x H 110 mm9gPFP

The tube size of mascara bottle package made by PFP


Plant Fiber Mascara Bottle Tube | Taiwan Sustainable Makeup Packaging: Combining Style with Environmental Responsibility | Lomei

Located in Taiwan since 2004, Lomei Cosmetics Ent. Co., Ltd. stands out as a seasoned manufacturer in OEM/ODM cosmetics, specializing in eco-friendly packaging solutions. They offer comprehensive services including planning tailored solutions, innovative R&D for optimal commercialization, and customized services for unique product needs. Key product offerings include Plant Fiber Mascara Bottle Tube, Plastic Free Cosmetics Packaging made from plant fibers like rice husk and green tea, Paper Cosmetics Packaging utilizing soy ink on FSC-certified paper, and PCR Cosmetics Packaging crafted from Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic.

Lomei specializes in producing eco-friendly cosmetic containers, particularly those made from zero-plastic plant fibers. With over 60 years of experience in cosmetics production and export to various countries in Europe and the United States, we have established collaborations with multiple international brands.

Lomei has been offering customers eco-friendly and customizable cosmetics packagings, both with high-quality services and 61 years of experience, Lomei ensures that each customer's requirements are met.